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dead headset

Well, my headset died over the weekend. I’m not happy. I’ve only had it for a year, and it wasn’t the cheapest thing in the world (though not the most expensive either - just enough that they made a dent in the bank account at the time). What broke in the end was the wire that leads in to the ear pieces - it has pulled out and is frayed. I’m a bit baffled, but mostly pissed.

I’m torn about what to do. First thing is I’ll see if the broken ones are still under warranty. If not, I’m not too sure what to do. I don’t want to fork out +$100 for something that won’t even last year. I’m careful with my stuff. My headset has its own hook to hang on beside my desk when it’s not in use, and even though I get frustrated, I sure as hell never throw them. Anyway, for the wire to come out is beyond crap, and I’m not keen on spending a bunch of money on something that won’t last. 

If I do decide to get another headset, though, I’m eyeing off a Steel Series one, as it was recommended by a fellow guildie. Anyone else have much experience with these? 


Kaylaana by exellero


Was playing on the beta last night. This place is beautiful!

Nagrand, Draenor

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Nagrand part 2

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Deathweb Hollow in Talador,

*This is taken during the WoD Beta*

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Frostfire Ridge

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